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Site updated 03/04/2021

Garvestone & Thuxton Village Hall Garvestone Village Hall (New Build) Ltd






& Thuxton

Overview of facilities:


Off-road parking with 30 spaces + 2 disabled bays as shown above.

Children’s play area at the front of the site, bowling green and open space for recreation with trim trail to the rear of the site.

Vestibule & lobby:

The front entrance opens into the vestibule, with the disabled toilet and cleaner’s room immediately on the left. The main lobby has natural lighting from sun pipes, with male & female toilet suites, and a cloakroom. On the right is the door leading to the kitchen.


The kitchen has a serving counter for the main hall, protected by a fire shutter. Facilities include a sink for hand washing and a double draining sink, a double oven with hob, refrigerator, small freezer and dish washer. Utensils, crockery, cutlery and glasses are provided. During Covid-19, this will not be in use.

Main hall:

As you enter through the double doors, the lights are controlled by switches on the right. The main hall is spacious with natural light from four windows on the left, while overhead are six rows of fluorescent lights. For a more intimate effect, there are coloured lights on either side. Controls for the blinds and ventilation are located in the recess to the left as you enter the main hall. Facilities include a sprung floor, a projector, screen, PA system and speakers. 4 small tables are kept in the main hall, while chairs should be stacked in the recess not more than 5 high, facing the wall.

Rear store:

Leading off the main hall is a storeroom where bulky items of equipment are kept. This includes 3 table trolleys, some chairs, table tennis equipment, and school equipment. Please keep the fire exit clear.

Plant room:

Leading off the lobby is a corridor to the Meeting Room, Plant Room and Changing Rooms. The plant room houses the ground source heat pump, the hot water cylinder and various electrical RCD boards and meters.

Meeting room, changing rooms and rear toilets:

Stairs take you to the Meeting Room on the first floor which is also used to store various records. The corridor leads to two changing rooms with benches and wash basins, while the toilets used for outdoor activities are on the right hand side of the exit corridor. These facilities can be hired separately from the main hall. During Covid-19, these will not be in use.

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