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Bowling green & Open Space

Thanks to a grants from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts and Garvestone Charity Trust, the new  bowling green was completed in 2009. The facilities are managed by Garvestone Bowls Club who play during the summer months. New members are welcome to join - contact Stephen Hardcastle on 01362 696086.

Grants from Breckland Council and Veolia Environmental Trust helped to create the Open Space for recreation which was officially opened in 2010.

In the Jubilee year 2012, the “Memorial to the Garvestone Twelve”  was dedicated. It is located in the south-east corner of the open space. Further details can be viewed under Jubilee Events.

The open space is open to the public at any time during daylight hours. Use of  the trim trail equipment  is at your own risk.

Bowling green Residents celebrate the opening of the recreation park Memorial day Football post/nets, trim trail

In the Jubilee year 2012 the site forming the open space and bowling green was dedicated as Thuxton & Garvestone Queen Elizabeth II Field. Grants from SITA Trust and Fields in Trust provided funding for trim trail equipment which has been installed by a team of volunteers. Further details can be viewed under Trim trail.